According to our annual printed circulation statement (as required by U.S. Postal Service law) our subscribers are holding strong in this difficult economy. So strong in fact, that they are 33% higher than our direct competitor.

We work hard to make sure that as many people as possible read Play Meter (Check out our annual Publisher's Statement). Along with taking extra copies to the industry trade shows to give away, we mail extra samples to qualified industry people each and every month to insure our advertisers the best possible readership. This makes our total circulation 46-56% larger than our competitor on given months.

Play Meter also has an online presence that includes full page display advertiser and all classified advertisers. We are the only magazine that showcases both full page display ads and all classified ad pages with web links.

A subscription is $60 per year in the United States and Canada ($150 for foreign countries). You will receive 12 issues (12 monthly issues including our Annual Directory issue that lists all manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in the coin-op industry). Every issue is a valuable source book that you'll keep at your fingertips all year.

The Publisher's/Circulation Statement can be seen in print in our November 2017 issue or click here to view online.