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The Play Meter Team:

Founder: Ralph C. Lally II

Publisher: Carol P. Lally         

Carol Ann Lally

Tim Meyer - editorial@playmeter.net

Assistant Editor:  
James Sebastien - assteditor@playmeter.net

Art & Production Director:  
Jane Z. Nisbet - art@playmeter.net

Art & Production Assistant:  
Eric Dolese - art@playmeter.net

Carol Ann Lally - playmetersales@gmail.com
Direct Sales Line: 480-699-5608

Carol Lea LeBell - sales@playmeter.net

Circulation/Office Manager:
Renee C. Pierson - subscribe@playmeter.net

Contributing Writers: Joe Camarota III, Yosuke Carter, Jim Chapman, Amber Collier, Brian Elliott, Dorothy Lewis, Jerry Merola, Reggie Moultrie, Peter Olesen, Brian Riggles, Jim Schelberg, Frank Seninsky, Josh Sharpe, Zach Sharpe, Bonnie Theard