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Play Meter's State of the Industry Results 
from 2015 published in Feb 2016 (last available report)

Page 1  Analysis with index
Page 2  General Business (1 of 4)
Page 3  General Business (2 of 4)
Page 4  General Business (3 of 4)
Page 5  General Business (4 of 4)
Page 6  Video Games, Jukeboxes
Page 7  Electronic Darts, Pool Tables, Pinball Games
Page 8  Photo Booths, Foosball, Shuffleboards, Air Hockey, Boxers
Page 9  Redemption/Novelty, Kiddie Rides, Cranes, Rotaries
Page 10 Video Poker, 8-Liners, Countertops/Touch Screen Games
Page 11 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Bulk and Full Line Vending

These statistics appear in our February 2016 issue.